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Side Hustle - Flexible part Time Project Based Merchandising position - nationwide

The job is a part time, on demand, project based position for our big box retail clients (can also be Target, Best Buy, Costco), that could be as few as ten hours a week on a particular project or as many as twenty hours a week just depending on what the project is. You can accept or decline any project once you are a part of our team and you have a time frame which to complete the project (like three days) but you can work on it at your own pace and your own time frame (like evening after work, early morning before work or midday, etc). Projects would include setting up displays, pricing products, moving products to a new display - merchandise related projects.

The pay is $12 -$14 per hour depending on the type of project you are working on. The stores that we send you a project for would never be too far away from your location to travel. This position would be for someone looking for extra money, a side hustle, working a flexible schedule and is an ongoing opportunity. You are required to have a smart phone with a data plan and be able to stand, bend, walk around, etc and the position is part of the merchandising team.

Send your resume to me at recruiter@jobevolve.com and the application process is simple - answer a few questions and complete a video interiew on your mobile phone to demonstrate you can use apps and your mobile phone. This is not a customer facing position so we have no in person interviews.

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